MAG254 Set-Top box lets users enjoy high quality streaming based on convenience, ease and simplicity. The MAG254 box is the black box of the modern era. The device is stable and performs without delay or lag. The MAG254 comes with a PRISTINE IPTV subscription pre loaded so you can enjoy tv right out of the box.
PRISTINE IPTV One Month Subscription
Wireless connectivity (with USB wifi stick) not included
Easy to setup
Multiple Language support
1 year dealer’s warranty (With Subscription only)

Pristine Emarald Server - List of Categories
Pristine Diamond Server - List of Categories

Note: You can select any of the above list of categories

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1 Box with a 1 month FREE Subscription and FREE Shipping
2 Boxes with 2 months FREE Subscription and FREE Shipping
3 Boxes with 3 months FREE Subscription and FREE Shipping